Charging in progress

Pandemic (expert)


4-8 players

90-180 min

Difficulty 4.5/5


For several weeks now, a mysterious disease affects the people of the region. Faced with the threat, the country’s government has mandated the world’s greatest infectious disease expert to find a cure. Dr. Home immediately assembled a team of various scientists to investigate the virus. You have therefore been selected, from among your peers, to support him in his research.

Unfortunately, you’ve been working around the clock for seven days now, and no clear leads are pointing on the horizon. Faced with the situation, Dr. Home sent you home to rest for a few hours. However, while you are sleeping peacefully, a ring wake you up; you have just received a most important message:


Many clues have been hidden among the documents in your possession. Whether it is the scenario, the patient files, the notebook or the answer grid, each element will be useful in order to consult Dr. Home’s discoveries. Ultimately, you should find an 8-letters password, from the grid, that you can use to open the attached file called “Discoveries”.

You will have an unlimited amount of time and you can try as many answers as you want to solve the puzzle. In order to keep track of your progress, we suggest that you have papers and pencils available to take some notes. To help you in your research, we suggest you to take a brief look at all pages before starting any deep analysis. Also, you can and you will probably need to use document or tool that might help you (dictionary, calculator, search engine, map, etc.).

If you ever want to compare yourself, we invite you to note the duration of your activities as well as the number of clues you will use. Speaking of these clues, they are available for each key stage of the game and can be found under the document untitled “Clues”. The clues have been written upside down to prevent accidental reveals and are divided into categories (general and precise topic).

If your password does not work and all the clues have been used, we suggest that you consult the answer document that we sent you in another file. The latter will explain the puzzles in detail and all the process to find the solution.

In order to improve your gaming experience, we strongly recommend that you print this document. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to play with a cellphone, tablet or computer. However certain manipulations could require more imagination or less depending the format you will be using.

This game can be played in person or remotely. In the second case, we suggest that you use a videoconferencing medium to connect and chat as a group. It is above all a collaborative game so this is by far the best way to play it. However it can be done solo, if that is your preference. Nevertheless, we suggest a group of 4 to 8 people but you can log in any number.